This week the Catholic Church celebrated the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Did you know that Our Lady of Guadalupe is the official patroness of the Diocese of Orange? Many of the schools in our diocese celebrated this day in many special ways, including our school.

Saint Joachim preschoolers learned about Our Lady of Guadalupe’s miraculous appearance to Juan Diego by listening to various stories, acting out parts of the story, and looking at beautiful images of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Students learned the symbolic meaning of the tilma and how the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was miraculously imprinted on Juan Diego’s tilma. The students created their own tilma with the image of our Lady of Guadalupe with roses around the image, similar to the tilma Juan Diego had. The students participated in a beautiful procession while wearing their tilma. Students took flowers and placed them at the image of Our Lady Of Guadalupe. They said a heartfelt prayer. The small prayer service was dedicated to our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego.

La Virgen de Guadalupe is celebrated at St. Joachim preschool in Costa Mesa

Upon returning to the classroom the students watched an age-appropriate cartoon of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego. After the cartoon was over the preschool students discussed their favorite parts of the story. They depicted their favorite part by drawing it and then used watercolors to paint their image. The Saint Joachim Early Childhood program teaches the students basic concepts of Christianity, Bible stories, and various lives of the Saints. We provide hands-on learning, exploring, and individualized learning by small group teaching.

For information regarding the St. Joachim Preschool program please contact Mrs. Christina Sinclair, Early Childhood Director at 949 574-7411 or visit the school’s website.