It’s a true blessing to watch our St. Francis of Assisi students live the joy and celebration of the Good News of the Gospel through their service and stewardship. 

What better way to do that than to consistently demonstrate the Gospel by following the words of Jesus, “I came not to be served, but to serve.” St. Francis of Assisi students have the opportunity to serve and live their faith by completing school-wide and grade-level Christian Service Projects throughout the entire year. They love being the hands and feet of Christ! 

The hands and feet of Jesus at St. Francis Catholic School in Yorba Linda

One of their favorite projects is making Christmas Cards for the incarcerated youth in Orange County’s Juvenile Hall. A special thanks to Mr. La Puzza, the Director for the Office of Restorative Justice, and Ms. Guzman, Juvenile Facilities Ministry Coordinator with the Office of Restorative Justice, a part of the Diocese of Orange, for sharing a message of Christmas cheer and hope through words and prayers of encouragement.

St. Francis Catholic School welcomes the Office of Restorative Justice.

The Saint Francis third to eighth-grade students attended grade-level sessions that began with Mr. La Puzza and Ms. Guzman sharing about the importance of what restorative justice means and how it helps to make them whole again. At the conclusion of each presentation, the students were invited to engage in meaningful question and answer sessions, followed by the creation of heartfelt festive Christmas cards, designed by the students. Even the younger students, from Kindergarten through Second Grade participated in creating festive Christmas cards in their classrooms. Their cards were precious and it’s heartwarming to read their messages as they wish the recipients a Merry Christmas.

It’s a joy-filled experience, and definitely one that our students look forward to all year long!

Tis the Season and Jesus is the Reason~

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