All Saints Day St. Joseph School

St. Joseph Catholic School in Santa Ana celebrated All Saints Day on November 1st. This is the day dedicated to honoring and remembering all the Saints who have attained heaven. It is also a time to remember and give thanks for the lives and sacrifices of the saints who have set an example of Christian faith and virtues.

All Saints Day Santa Ana


The students at Saint Joseph were honored to dress up as their favorite Saint.  As they all walked to mass and participated in the procession entering the church. This has been one of St. Joseph’s signature events, having students reflect on the lives of the Saints. They took some time to learn about the lives and stories of various saints, especially those who hold special significance in their own faith traditions. They learned about their virtues and how their lives can inspire other people’s spiritual journey.  All Saint’s Day was the culminating day when all students were encouraged to dress up as their saint, actively participate in mass and end the day with oral presentations of their Saints to their classmates and other classes. This has always been a great day for the school and the school community as they continue to nurture the belief that “We Are All Called to be Saints”

All Saints Day Diocese of Orange Schools

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