The School of The Month for November is St. Polycarp Catholic School in Stanton.

St. Polycarp has been named to the prestigious Blended Learning Universe index. This honor officially designates them a Blended Learning Universe (BLU) School. Presently, only 560 schools worldwide, both public and private, have received this designation. St. Polycarp Catholic School is one of only three recognized BLU schools in Orange County and the only recognized Catholic School in Southern California.

The Blended Learning Universe is an online center of blended learning resources for educators and parents. The BLU is managed by the Clayton Christensen Institute. This nonprofit research organization is highly respected for their research in blended learning and the ability of blended practices to provide a more equitable, personalized learning environment for all students.

A blended learning approach allows for a more personalized learning experience. All students are given the tools to succeed, based on their individual needs. While blended learning does include both face-to-face and online learning, simply having computers or tablets in a classroom does not constitute blended learning. It must also include some element of student agency over their learning. To encourage this, students are taught in small groups through a station rotation process. According to the Principal, Alison Daley, group activities include: “small teacher group, various digital adaptive programs, independent/collaborative practice, and project based activities (incorporating the 4 C’s: creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking).”

For more information on St. Polycarp School, visit or to schedule a school visit, call Principal Alison Daley at (714) 893-8882