St. Norbert Catholic School unveiled faith as its Virtues in Practice program for August and September 2018. Virtues in Practice is a program for children in grades Pre-K to eighth grade to grow closer to Jesus by imitating his life and virtues. It is set up in such a way that the whole school community studies the same virtue each month. The program covers 27 virtues over a three-year cycle, with 81 saints held up as models of the virtues. In collaboration with St. Norbert Church families have complimentary access to FORMED, with Catholic faith materials such as videos, audio talks, books, and study series. In addition to Virtues in Practice and FORMED, fathers at St. Norbert are encouraged to grow spiritually together with RISE Men’s Online 30-Day Challenge.

In addition to discussing faith and virtue, the school puts the Catholic faith into practice. St. Norbert is the first elementary school in the diocese to be equipped with 315 solar panels on top of the gymnasium and two main buildings that house the office, library, and classrooms. This change allows the school to act on Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment, calling for urgent action to protect the Earth. “We are humbled to be able to take steps to be more conscious of our impact on the world and to take steps that don’t negatively affect the environment,” Principal Ciccoianni says.

St. Norbert Catholic School is an accredited Pre-K-8th Grade Catholic School. The school is a community of families rooted in faith and committed to promoting academic excellence, nurturing faith, and inspiring action based on the person and message of Jesus. In the context of a caring, worshiping parish community, the school’s endeavor is to empower students to be educated, morally responsible citizens, dedicated to God’s word, to worship, and to service. To reach the school, please call 714-637-6822, visit its website, and connect on social media.