The School of The Month for February is St. Bonaventure School in Huntington Beach.

At St. Bonaventure School there has been a concerted effort to create a strong focus on 21st century Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) curriculum. Teachers and staff are constantly finding new and exciting ways to engage learners in activities that encompass these areas. One example of their commitment to STEM is a field study trip to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This field study trip gave students the opportunity to connect their science lessons with real world experiences such as launching rockets and building robots. St. Bonaventure students had the privilege of experiencing an exclusive private tour which included viewing of mission control, replicas of rovers and the clean room where rockets and satellites are assembled.  Students also saw the beginnings of the building of the next Mars spacecraft due to launch 2021. St. Bonaventure learners were able to connect NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) that they are currently learning in the classroom to what the engineers are doing at JPL every day. Thanks to this incredible opportunity St. Bonaventure student academic ambitions are “out of this world!”

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