The School of the Month for May is Holy Family Cathedral School in Orange.

Holy Family Cathedral School is a Preschool-8th grade school located in the city of Orange. The school prides itself on excellent curriculum with a great history of project based learning. An example of this is the much anticipated “Greek Day.” Every spring the 6th grade students from Holy Family learn what it’s like to live in Ancient Greece for a day. This unique event, “Life in Ancient Greece”, gives the students an opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve learned and researched about Ancient Greece. Preparation for this event starts around a month beforehand. Students first brainstorm ideas and work in teams to create a unique product to enhance the class experience in the Greek Marketplace. The students also learn debate skills as they formulate their opening statements for the debates on topics important to preteens that the students will vote on at the Marketplace. The sixth graders are assigned teams, named after Greek city-states, and design posters that relate to their research about their city-state. Finally, they learn how to make a Greek toga/chiton to wear for the big day.

Project Based Learning is just one of the many ways Holy Family Cathedral School’s curriculum stands out. Come and see our students and all of their hard work on May 12, 2017 or call to schedule a tour!