Welcome parents and students to Orange County Catholic Schools! We wish your students every success and blessing of the coming year. A Catholic education is a precious gift and teaches more than strong academics; it teaches lessons for life. The well-rounded curriculum leads children to become faith-filled, productive and generous adults.
Greg_Dhuyvetter Superintendent’s messageEducation is the most important gift you can give to a child. The staff and faculty of the Catholic Schools of Orange County are dedicated and passionate about providing that gift on the highest level. Our Orange County Catholic Schools have earned coveted accreditation for excellence in education. Our programs are dynamic, inclusive, diverse and academically challenging. The main thing that distinguishes schools like ours from other learning institutions is the fact that we instill Catholic truths and values during the daily academic life of each student.

In our efforts to bring such a high level of education to your children, we have developed the “7 Keys to Catholic School Success.” Through strategic implementation of these keys, we will build together a school system that is vibrant, inclusive, sustainable and true to its Gospel mission. LEARN MORE

Greg Dhuyvetter
Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Orange


Goal • Make our Catholic elementary and secondary schools available, accessible and affordable to all Catholic parents and their children, including those who are poor and middle class.

Mission • Provide the best Catholic schools for the greatest number of children throughout the Diocese of Orange.

Vision • Create a system that provides support for the children of all Catholic families who are willing to pay according to their means.

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