Welcome to Orange County Catholic Schools! We wish our families every success and blessing of the coming year. A Catholic education is a precious gift and teaches more than strong academics; it teaches lessons for life. The well-rounded curriculum leads children to become faith-filled, productive and generous adults.
Greg_DhuyvetterGood News!The 2014-15 school year is a landmark for the Diocese of Orange Catholic Schools as our Orange County schools  are showing an increase in pk-12 enrollment! This growth speaks to the fundamental strength and value of our schools.
Schools that have

  • Strong Catholic Identity in prayer and liturgy, signs and symbols, service and character.
  • Caring, professional instructors dedicated to the growth of the whole child
  • Technology-rich environments, fostering individualized, authentic learning
  • Tuition assistance to help
  • A rich history…and an even more exciting future

I invite you to join with us as we journey together in faith toward a new day of Catholic schools in Orange County!  LEARN MORE
Greg Dhuyvetter
Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Orange


Goal • Make our Catholic elementary and secondary schools available, accessible and affordable to all Catholic parents and their children, including those who are poor and middle class.

Mission • Provide the best Catholic schools for the greatest number of children throughout the Diocese of Orange.

Vision • Create a system that provides support for the children of all Catholic families who are willing to pay according to their means.

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